What do we do?

In Systems Intelligence for Business we offer the implementation of operational intelligence systems as a main goal, through the latest powerful technological platform. We provide integration systems, automation and control over your production lines.

In order to contribute to the performance of your manufacturing operations, SIB uses TraKSYS, a platform that offers a wide selection of solutions to face the challenges of your operation in a methodical, efficient and affordable way. It allows to handle and take real-time decisions from ground operation levels to senior management levels filling out the large void existing between the execution of your operations and the ERP, with relevant information covering all the manufacturing field.

We have developed the expertise and Know-how in order to design and integrate fully automated control systems, PLC’s programming, SCADA systems, DCSs and devices in production lines for different applications in industry.


A close approach to our customer needs

Through a current situational analysis along with our engineering team support and specialized consultancy, we identify the key points towards improvement and their relation with the strategic goals of the companies.


We define the range of the implementation during the realization of a workshop, in which key users of the company are involved, as well as our SIB implementation team.


We work closely with our customers and without interruption we carry out the process of implementing our solution and we validate step by step the results, measuring its impact in operational performance.


Our qualified and certified personnel will ensure to bring all the needed support our customers may require through our maintenance policies.

Who are we?

Systems Intelligence for Business (SIB) has settled in Mexico as part of the global team of PARSEC representatives.

· Creativity and constant innovation.
· Total engagement and commitment to achieve our customer’s needs.
· Loyalty and commitment with the company as a source of personal growth and development.
· Interdisciplinary work under a collaborative environment.